Message in a bottle – Day 9

All well onboard

Position 25.05 14.00UTC , some 850nm left to Flores.

We finally picked up some wind yesterday noon. The crew were starting to think this is a holiday. Instead, active night, from all out in the afternoon – Main, Genoa and Staysail, down to 2 reefs at 2 AM to slow down Keraban down the waves.

Lime is on short supply (for the Ti Punch) as it was probably not that fresh to begin with, but otherwise we still have sufficient fresh produce and fruit until the Azores. There is some constructive discussion as to how much garlic we should be using in our disches, and the French membersof the equipage did have to learn the concept of “al dente” for pasta,but we are getting there.

Les TĂȘtus

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